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Mardee’s Mid-Summer Rose Sale

Social Media Art 1

Bulk Pricing:

25 stems = $22.00

50 stems = $40.00

100 stems = $70.00

Call (253) 468-8157 or email


Mardee’s Bridal Show Survival Tips

It’s Bridal Show Season!!

 The first bridal show in the Pacific Northwest is this weekend at the Tacoma Dome the Tacoma Wedding Expo, January 7th-8th followed by the Seattle Wedding Show on January 14th at the Seattle Convention Center, Everett Wedding Expo January 21st-22nd at the Xfinity Arena, and the South Sound Wedding Show on February 4th at the Marcus Pavillion at St. Martins University in Olympia.  Here are some tips to help you survive.



New Rental Chargers at Mardee’s

We have just added 3 new colors of  13″ chargers to our rental line.  The new colors are purple, gold and silver.  He has also added 10 1/2 Red Stoneware plates and 7″ Cut Class plates.  For pricing, qualities and availability call us at (253) 468-8157 or email us at charger promo


Happy 20th Anniversary to Eloy & Marquesa

I had a blast working with this wonderful couple and their children. Special thanks to Kwasi Agyapong for these wonderful pictures, to DJ Don Gee for keeping the tunes spinning and the room jumping, and to Chef Cliff for the delicious food.


Wedding Picture


Allen's 20th Wedding Anniversary ~ April 30, 2016 Design and Florals by Mardee's

Allen’s 20th Wedding Anniversary ~ April 30, 2016
Design and Florals by Mardee’s


To see more pictures visit our gallery at


Deployment Welcome Home Holiday Party January 30, 2016

We had a a blast decorating Slovenia Hall in Tacoma Washington for Jenny’s husband’s welcome home holiday party.  The party celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and his birthday.  It was our honor to show this solider and his squad how much we appreciate their service.




Elf Mardee’s Christmas / Holiday Card Mailing 101

Merry Christmas card

You Know What Time it Is?  It’s Christmas Cards Time

It’s time to get the Christmas/Holiday cards in the mail to ensure early to mid December delivery.

Elves’ Christmas Cards Mailing 101


The first Christmas card was sent in London in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole.  The tradition of sending Christmas cards in Britain didn’t really catch on until 1860.  Louis Pang published the first American Christmas card in 1875.

The Christmas Cards Mailing List/Record: 

Develop a list that includes names, address, email, type of card (Christmas or Holiday)and cards received. 

christmas card table
First on the list are family and friends who you won’t see in person during the holidays; next, list older people and those alone for the holidays.  Then list everyone else.   However, it is not necessary to send cards to neighbors, co-workers, church, friends who you will see before the January 1st.  With being said, if someone has suffered a loss (death or job) a major life change, divorce, illness, or moved it is okay to send them a card.  Should you decide to give your co-workers a card, send it to their homes.   Send business Christmas cards to the office unless you socialize with them outside of business.  Also, if you have been sending cards to someone for 2 years and you have not received a card in return it is okay to remove them from your list. 

E-Cards, when are they appropriate?   Electronic Christmas/Holiday cards are great for those you have a digital relationship with.  It is also okay to send them to family and friends living out of the country and to military personnel.  Everyone else should receive a traditional card.

Signing and addressing your cards.  All traditional cards should be handwritten.  I like using a fountain pen or calligraphy pen, practice first.   There are several ways to sign your Christmas/Holiday cards. Write your season greeting the sign from the _________ Family, or sign all of the family names, Dad’s name is usually first then Mom’s then the children from oldest to youngest followed by the last name.  Married children and the ones no longer living at home do not need to be included on your card.  Free feel to add a personal note, but keep it brief.

Use your best calligraphy and penmanship when addressing your cards to ensure that the mailman can read it.  Remember to include your return address.   Tip: Make a lined template to insert inside the envelope, so your lines will be straight and not slanted.

Check the US Postal Service at for your Christmas/Holiday stamps and shipping deadlines.

Everyone loves to get a little holiday cheer in the mail, so grab your list and get busy. 

Oh! One more thing, Elf Mary, actually mail the cards this year.

Happy Mailing!